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 Program Library

Welcome to our video library. This space is where you can get a sense of the variety of activities and programs that have been offered in the past, as well as discover resources that were previously recorded and remain available for the community. 

Community Window Painting Projects

Community Responsiveness & Support

Crafting Kitchen Magic with Stacey Schaffer

stacey-schaffer-32finalv2 (3).jpg

Episode #1

Are you looking to stay healthy and boost your immune system? Stacey discusses the key ingredients and their nutrional elements while demonstrating the making of Green Goddess Stone Soup. The recipe and accompanying handout are below.

Epsiode #2

Please join Stacey Schaffer in the creation of a Soul Food meal in honor of Black History Month. Stacey makes a delicous Soul Food Power Bowl with black-eyed peas, collard greens, yellow rice, okra, and sweet potatoes.  The recipe and accompanying handout are below.

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