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Office for

Community Wellness


Town of New Paltz

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We support youth, adults, and families by:

  • Providing information

  • Enhancing skills

  • Providing supportive activities & programming

  • Enhancing access to resources

  • Co-Creating opportunities to thrive and connect with others

You are not alone.

We are living in extraordinary times and many people are experiencing a wide range of difficulties, as well as a depth and variety of feelings they may not have experienced before. There is a lot of support available. Please reach out with questions you may have or with specific concerns or troubles you may be facing. We will do our best to connect you with people and organizations who are there to help. 

Please click here to visit our Local Resource page to explore options and locate contact information you can use.



Hello, members of the greater New Paltz community and Ulster County residents. We are very excited about this new resource! Click here to take this completely anonymous, confidential questionnaire and receive a personalized response with information about local resources to help meet your needs.

Community Programming Announcements:

FREE Weekly On-the-Spot Narcan Trainings

Date:  Resuming on Sunday, September 10th
Time:  10AM-1PM
Location:  New Paltz Open Air Market
40 Main Street in New Paltz 

6th Annual Recovery Fest

Date:   Sunday, September 17th
Time:  12:00 PM - 4:00 PM   
Location: Pavilion @ Field of Dreams
241 Libertyville Road in New Paltz

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What We Offer

Information and referral,

as well as free community programming.

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